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We are a small, family run, women-owned business and take pleasure in providing customers with local, organically grown cannabis. 

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Oregon Leaf August 2017 Interview Pgs 24-25

Dope Magazine Interview Pgs 94-95

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Q&A with Robin

Q&A with Audra

Grow magazine featured Oregon Girl in their January 2017 issue


The true reasons why we do what we do -- safe access for all who use this plant, each and everyone of ya! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

#DearJeffSessions, Coltyn Turner was on his deathbed, being pumped with pharmaceutical drugs that weren't helping but making things worse... UNTIL he started a cannabis-only medicine regimen.

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Oregon Girl LLC shared NowThis Weed's Leaf Blower Fires Out Weed Smoke. ... See MoreSee Less

Meet the Kush Cannon, a leaf blower that fires out weed smoke

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