Nestled up against the base of a hill, surrounded by trees – our family farm breathes with life. From the tiniest insects and birds that flit along rows of blooming cannabis to the bobcats that occasionally roam the property; nature asserts herself all around us. We view the stewardship of this land as the foundation of our company. In practice, we are students of permaculture and biodynamic systems and endeavor to integrate holistic land management techniques into the workings of our farm whenever possible. Our goal is to use regenerative practices to increase the health of our soil and crops, improve the water cycle on our land and to build up the biodiversity of our environment. We strive to work in harmony with nature to produce some of the best craft cannabis in Oregon.

We strive find a balance in farming that benefits all forms of life.

At Oregon Girl, located thirty minutes outside Portland, Oregon we take growing cannabis seriously and spend our time perfecting cultivation, harvesting and curing techniques to produce the best quality product possible. We cultivate an indoor garden year round, utilize a large greenhouse for extending the growing season and to produce light deprivation crops, as well as sun-growing in our native Oregon soil. We enjoy the challenges that come with growing in different environments and are constantly reassessing our methods to always improve our product.